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Applicator Magazine

Applicator Magazine
Applicator Magazine
Applicator Magazine
Applicator Magazine
Applicator Magazine
Applicator Magazine is a technical journal, published five times a year which contains articles on application, techniques and problems in the sealant, waterproofing and restoration industry. 
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The Applicator, published five times a year, contains pertinent articles on application, techniques and problems in the sealant, waterproofing and restoration industry. Many articles are original written by those involved in the industry... providing practical, "real life" experiences and applications.

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About the Applicator

Every quarter the Applicator examines the latest developments in the commercial sealant, waterproofing and restoration construction and delivers to you, the end-user, and the industry the most up-to-date information possible.

If you are interested in providing an article for publication in an upcoming issue of the Applicator? If so, please contact our editor us at editor@swrionline.org.

Applicator is free to members of SWRInstitute, but many non-members rely on the publication to help improve their knowledge and skills. if you would like to advertise in Applicator, please sales or adsales@swrionline.org.

If you are interested in subscribing, call SWR Institute Headquarter at 816-472-7974.

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Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Sealants- 2013WT

Presenter(s): Doug Walker & Eric Muench- Sika Corp

Doug and Eric with Sika will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of sealants available focusing on polyurethanes, hybrids and silicones. Learn how they're made and how to interpret literature to help meet LEED objectives. When focusing on restoration, understand which product is best for common and special applications. You also find out how to determine the best repair and replacement protocol depending on the joint condition, substrate, compatibility, movement and exposure considerations. Learn what to have tested in the lab, when and how to perform on-site testing, how to submit for a warranty as well as handle a claim.

Our Price: US$29.99
Retail Price : US$49.99

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Sealants: The Professionals' Guide
The 2013 revised edition covers all aspects of sealants and their use in the building process.  Our Price: US$59.95
Retail Price : US$74.95

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Technical Bulletins (Complete Series)
Covering a variety of topics, including elastomeric wall coatings, exterior stone restoration, mortar joint removal, repointing mortar joints, clear water repellents for masonry, and other topics

Includes 16 complete Technical Bulletins
Our Price: US$35.95
Retail Price : US$50.95

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Forensic Analysis: Sealant Weathering and Product Failures - 2010W
Presenter(s): Pat Gorman and Jerry Klosowski - Moisture Protection, Inc. and Klosowski Scientific Inc.

Learn what actually happens to sealants versus what the manufacturers claim and see the final pictures of a weathering study. These are the results of testing sealants while actually in moving joints. • Review the many differences in each generic type of sealant. • The generalities that cannot be made. • What to expect of sealant longevity. • Understand a data sheet to see what the true data is and how to use this data in determining the possible causes of sealant failures.
Our Price: US$29.99
Retail Price : US$44.99

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SWR Institute Hard Hat Decal - Pack of 4
Precision Die Cut Decal with SWR Institute Logo for hard hats, phone case, etc. Our Price: US$4.99
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